Programme – 2020


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4th January  2020   2 – 4pm

Embroidery (Hand or Machine)

Embroider onto lace over calico after colouring with discharge paints. Full kits and printed instructions provided.     Planned by Frances.

1st February  2020  2 – 4pm

Coils & Bowls

Using T-shirt fabric ribbon and florist wire (provided) and threads from the Guild store cupboard.   Lead Dianne.

7th March  2020  10am – 1pm

A Game of Stitches

We will be creating our entry for the regional challenge game – “A Game of Stitches”.  This is our Magical game with Fairies and Dragons.

7th March  2020  2 – 4pm

Chiffon Ribbon Flowers

On commercially purchased bags.   Lead Helen.

4th April  2020  10.00 – 4pm


A day workshop.  RUTH SMITH will teach us how to make Chinese Thread Books. 

Cost: £25

** 9th May **  2020  10.00 – 4pm

Sea Scene

Using textile and threads.  Lead Dianne.

** Please note this is the second Saturday of the month.

6th June  2020  2 – 4pm

Garden Party

A wonderful ‘Garden Party’ in Dianne’s beautiful garden. Tea, cake and embroidery (kit provided).

4th July  2020  10.00 – 4pm


A full day Workshop given by SARA COOK, an expert on Korean textile art.

Cost: £25

August  –  NO MEETING

5th September  2020  10.00 – 4pm


A day Workshop. ANNE  SILLIFANT is one of the leading teachers on many aspects of creative textile work. We will be creating covers for small vases, using some soluble and other fabrics. Glass vases can be purchased for £3.00 on the day.

Cost: £20

3rd October  2020  2 – 4pm


A short AGM followed by Shisha Mirror work, the Guild will provide materials, session guided by Kath.

7th November  2020  10.00 – 4pm


A full day Workshop given by CATHERINE  LAWES, ‘Layered Landscapes’.

Cost: £25

5th December  2020  2 – 4pm

Christmas Festivities

All things Christmas: stitching, chatting, tea and cake with friends.